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Chic Geek Club Memberships

  • Productivity Geek

    Boost efficiency with discounts, news, and a vibrant community.
    Free Plan
    • Exclusive Member Discounts
    • Insider Newsletter
    • Dynamic Facebook Group
  • Visionary Geek

    Every month
    Access courses, templates, and a private community to fuel your vision.
    • All Productivity Member Benefits
    • Private Online Community Access
    • Curated Courses and Templates
    • Website & Email Setup (Domain & ECommerce not included)
  • Team Geek

    Every month
    Unlock growth with leads, referrals, consultancy, and endless resources.
    • All Visionary Benefits
    • Monthly 30-Minute Consultation
    • Pro Website & Email Setup
    • Basic e-Commerce Package: 5 product setup and training.
    • E-commerce & site management available as upgrade.*
    • Member Benefits & Discounts
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